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8th European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks
Bruges (Belgium), 26-27-28 April 2000

Programme of the conference

Wednesday 26 April 2000
8H30 Registration
9H00 Opening
Session 1: Data and signal analysis
9H10 A generative model for sparse discrete binary data with non-uniform categorical priors
M. Girolami
, Univ. Paisley (Scotland)
9H30 Using Growing hierarchical self-organizing maps for document classification
M. Dittenbach, D. Merkl, A. Rauber
, Vienna Univ. Tech. (Austria)
9H50 A robust non-linear projection method
J. Lee, A. Lendasse, N. Donckers, M. Verleysen
, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
10H10 Parametric approach to blind deconvolution of nonlinear channels
J. Sole i Casals1, A. Taleb2, C. Jutten2
, 1Univ. Vic (Spain), 2I.N.P. Grenoble (France)
10H30 Coffee break
Special session 2: Support Vector Machines
Organised by: Colin Campbell, Bristol Univ. (UK), Johan Suykens, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)
10H50 Algorithmic approaches to training Support Vector Machines: a survey
C. Campbell
, Bristol Univ. (UK)
11H20 Sparse least squares Support Vector Machine classifiers
J.A.K. Suykens, L. Lukas, J. Vandewalle
, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)
11H40 Support Vector Committee Machines
D. Martinez
, LORIA-CNRS, G. Millerioux, CRAN-ESSTIN (France)
12H00 Robust Bayes Point Machines
R. Herbich, T. Graepel, C. Campbell
, TU Berlin (Germany)
12H20 Lunch
Session 3: Model selection and evaluation
14H00 A statistical model selection strategy applied to neural networks
J. Pizarro, E. Guerrero, P. L. Galindo
, Univ. Cadiz (Spain)
14H20 Bootstrap for neural model selection
R. Kallel1, M. Cottrell1, V. Vigneron1,2
, 1Univ. Paris I, 2Univ. Evry (France)
14H40 A new information criterion for the selection of subspace models
M. Sugiyama, H. Ogawa
, Tokyo Inst. Tech. (Japan)
15H00 Confidence estimaton methods for neural networks : a practical comparison
G. Papadopoulos, P.J. Edwards, A.F. Murray
, Univ. Edinburgh (UK)
15H20 Coffee break
Special session 4: Artificial neural networks and robotics
Organised by: Richard Duro, Jose Santos Reyes, Univ. da Coruna (Spain)
15H40 Using higher order and nodes to improve sensing capabilities of mobile robots
R.J. Duro, J. Santos, J.A. Becerra, F. Bellas, J.L. Crespo
, Univ. Coruna (Spain)
16H10 Competitive neural networks for robust computation of the optical flow
E. Fernandez, I. Echave, M. Grana
, UPV-EHU (Spain)
16H30 Learning VOR-like stabilization reflexes in robots
F. Panerai, G. Metta, G. Sandini
, Col. de France (France), Univ. Genova (Italy)
16H50 Learning of perceptual states in the design of an adaptive wall-following behaviour
M. Fernandez-Delgado, R. Iglesias, S. Barro
, Univ. Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Poster session: spotlights
17H10 Fuzzy entropy-constrained competitive learning algorithm
W.-J. Hwang, C. Ou, S.-C. Liao, C.-F. Chine
, Chung Yuan Christian. Univ. (Taiwan)
17H12 Specification, estimation and evaluation of single hidden-layer feedforward autoregressive artificial neural network models
G. Rech
, Stockholm Sch. Economics (Sweden)
17H14 A neural network for undercomplete independent component analysis
L. Wei, J. C. Rajapakse
, Nanyang Tech. Univ. (Singapore)
17H16 Distributed clustering and local regression for knowledge discovery in multiple spatial databases
A. Lazarevic, D. Pokrajac, Z. Obradovic
, Washington State Univ. (USA)
17H18 Nonlinear, statistical data-analysis for the optimal construction of neural-network inputs with the concept of a mutual Information
F. Heister , G. Schock
, DaimlerChrysler Res. Tech. (Germany)
17H20 Influence of weight-decay training in input selection methods
M. Fernandez-Redondo, C. Hernandez-Espinosa
, Univ. Jaume I (Spain)
17H22 Committee formation for reliable and accurate neural prediction in industry
P.J. Edwards, A.F. Murray
, Edinburgh Univ. (UK)
17H24 Poster preview
Thursday 27 April 2000
Session 5: Non-linear dynamics and control
9H00 Toward encryption with neural network analogy
T. Ohira
, Sony Comp. Sci. Lab. (Japan)
9H20 Iterative learning neural network control for nonlinear system trajectory tracking
P. Jiang, R. Unbehauen
, Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany)
9H40 A comparative design of a MIMO neural adaptive rate damping for a nonlinear helicopter model
P. A. Gili, M. Battipede
, Polit. Torino (Italy)
10H00 Coffee break
Special session 6: Neural networks in medicine
Organised by: Thomas Villmann, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
10H20 Neural networks approaches in medicine - a review of actual developments
T. Villmann
, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
10H40 A neural network architecture for automatic segmentation of fluorescence micrographs
T. Nattkemper1, H. Wersing1, W. Schubert2, H. Ritter1
, 1Univ. Bielefeld, 2Univ. Magdeburg (Germany)
11H00 Boundary based movement correction of functional MR data using a genetic algorithm
G. Bao, J. C. Rajapakse
, Nanyang Tech. Univ. (Singapore)
11H20 A neural network approach to adaptive pattern analysis - the deformable feature map
A. Wismüller1, F. Vietze1, D.R. Dersch2, K. Hahn1, H. Ritter3
, 1Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. (Germany), 2Integral Energy Corp. (Australia), 3Univ. Bielefeld (Germany)
Poster session: spotlights
11H40 Automatic detection of clustered microcalcifications in digital mammograms using an SVM classifier
A. Bazzani1,2, A. Bevilacqua1,2, D. Bollini1,2, R. Brancaccio1,2, R. Carnpanini1,2, N. Lanconelli2, A. Riccardi1,2, D. Romani1,2, G. Zamboni1
, 1Univ. Bologna, 2Nat. Ins. Nuclear Physics (Italy)
11H42 A neuro-fuzzy approach as medical diagnostic interface
R. Brause, F. Friedrich
, J.W.Goethe-Univ. (Germany)
11H44 Regularization in oculomotor control
J. A. Bullinaria, P. M. Riddell
, Univ. Reading (UK)
11H46 Limitations of hybrid systems
B. Hammer
, Univ. Osnabrück (Germany)
11H48 Discriminative learning for neural decision feedback equalizers
E.D. Di Claudio, R. Parisi, G. Orlandi
, Univ. Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy)
11H50 Neurocontrol of a binary distillation column
M.A. Torres1, M.E. Pardo1, J.M. Pupo1, L. Boquete2, R. Barea2, L.M. Bergasa2
, 1Univ. Oriente (Cuba), 2Alcala Univ. (Spain)
11H52 E.O.G. guidance of a weelchair using spiking neural networks
R. Barea, L. Boquete, M. Mazo, E. Lopez, L.M. Bergasa
, Univ. Alcala (Spain)
11H54 Poster preview
12H30 Lunch
Special session 7: Self-organizing maps for data analysis
Organised by: Jouko Lampinen, Kimmo Kaski, Helsinki Univ. of Tech. (Finland)
14H00 Self-Organizing Maps in data analysis - notes on overfitting and overinterpretation
J. Lampinen, T. Kostiainen
, Helsinki Univ. Tech. (Finland)
14H20 Bootstrapping Self-Organizing Maps to assess the statistical significance of local proximity
E. de Bodt1, M. Cottrell2
, 1U.C.L. Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) & Univ. Lille 2, 2Univ. Paris I (France)
14H40 Evaluating SOMs using order metrics
A. P. Azcarraga
, Nat. Univ. Singapore
15H00 Self-Organisation in the SOM with a finite number of possible inputs
J.A. Flanagan
, Helsinki Univ. Tech. (Finland)
15H20 Topological map for binary data
M. Lebbah1, F. Badran2, S. Thiria1,2
, 1Cons. Nat. Arts Métiers, 2Univ. Paris 6 (France)
15H40 Analytical comparison of the Temporal Kohonen Map and the Recurrent Self Organizing Map
M. Varsta, J. Heikkonen, J. Lampinen
, Helsinki Univ. Tech. (Finland)
16H00 Coffee break
Session 8: Recurrent networks
16H20 Local input-output stability of recurrent networks with time-varying weights
J.J. Steil
, Univ. Bielefeld (Germany)
16H40 An optimization neural network model with time-dependent and lossy dynamics
Z. Heszberger, J. Biro, E. Halasz
, Tech. Univ. Budapest (Hungary)
17H00 An algorithm for the addition of time-delayed connections to recurrent neural networks
R. Boné, M. Crucianu, J.-P. Asselin de Beauville
, Ec. Ing. Informatique pour l'Industrie (France)
Friday 28 April 2000
Special session 9: Time series prediction
Organised by: Johan Suykens, Joos Vandewalle, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)
09H00 The K.U.Leuven competition data: a challenge for advanced neural network techniques
J.A.K. Suykens, J. Vandewalle
, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)
09H10 Local model optimization for time series prediction
J. McNames
, Portland State Univ. (USA)
09H30 A multi-steap ahead prediction method based on local dynamic properties
G. Bontempi, M. Birattari
, ULB Brussels (Belgium)
09H50 Nonlinear prediction of spatio-temporal time series
U. Parlitz, C. Merkwirth
, Univ. Göttingen (Germany)
10H10 A Bayesian approach to combined neural networks forecasting
M.D. Out, W.A. Kosters
, Univ. Leiden (The Netherlands)
10H30 Coffee break
10H50 Nonlinear principal component regression: predicting within the limits of predictability
R. Bakker1, J.C. Schouten2, M.-O. Coppens1 ,F. Takens3, C.M. van den Bleek1
, 1Delft Univ. Tech., 2Eindhoven Univ., 3Univ. Groningen (The Netherlands)
11H10 Time series forecasting using CCA and Kohonen maps - application to electricity consumption
A. Lendasse, J. Lee, V. Wertz, M. Verleysen
, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
11H30 Financial predictions based on bootstrap-neural networks
A. Lombardi1, A. Vicino2
, 1Linköping Univ., 2Univ. Siena (Italy)
11H50 On the use of the wavelet decomposition for time series prediction
S. Soltani
, Univ. Tech. Compiègne (France)
Poster session: spotlights
12H10 Chaotic time series prediction using the Kohonen algorithm
L. Monzon Benitez1,2, A. Ferreira1, D. I. Pedreira2
, 1Univ. Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2Univ. Medica Carlos J. Finlay (Cuba)
12H12 Curve forecast with the SOM algorithm: using a tool to follow the time on a Kohonen map
P. Rousset
, Univ. Paris I (France)
12H14 Learning principal components in a contextual space
T. Voegtlin
, Inst. Sci. Cognitives (France)
12H16 Training activation function in parametric classification
V. Colla1, L.M. Reyneri2, M. Sgarbi1
, 1Sc. Sup. Sant'Anna, 2Polit. Torino (Italy)
12H18 Quantum iterative algorithm for image reconstruction problems
J.-I. Inoue
, Tokyo Inst. Tech. (Japan)
12H20 Quaternionic spinor MLP
S. Buchholz, G. Sommer
, Univ. Kiel (Germany)
12H22 Simplified neural architectures for symmetric boolean functions
B. Girau
, McGill Univ. (USA) & INRIA (France)
12H24 Poster preview
13H00 Lunch
Special session 10: Artificial neural networks for energy management systems
Organised by: Gonzalo Joya, Univ. de Malaga (Spain)
14H15 Connectionist solutions for energy management systems
G. Joya
, Univ. Malaga (Spain)
14H55 Stability assessment of electric power systems using growing neural gas and self-organizing maps
C. Rehtanz, C. Leder
, Univ. Dortmund (Germany)
15H15 DMS feeder load forecasting dealing with MV network reconfiguration
J.N. Fidalgo, J.A. Pecas Lopes
, INESC (Portugal)
15H35 Appication of MLP and stochastic simulations for electricity load forecasting in Russia
E. Savelieva1, A. Kravetski1, S. Chernov1, V. Demyanov1, V. Timonin1, R. Arutyunyan1, L. Bolshov1, M. Kanevski1,2
, 1Nuclear Safety Inst. (Russia), 2IDIAP (Switzerland)
15H55 Coffee break
Session 11: Learning in biological and artificial systems
16H10 SpikeProp: backpropagation for networks of spiking neurons
S. M. Bohte1, J. N. Kok2, H. La Poutré1
, 1CWI, 2Leiden Univ. (the Netherlands)
16H30 Nonsynaptically connected neural nets
G. L. Aiello1,2, P. Bach-y-Rita1
, 1Univ. Wisconsin-Madison (USA), 2Univ. Palermo (Italy)
16H50 Establishing retinotopy by lateral-inhibition type homogeneous neural fields
W. A. Fellenz, J. G. Taylor
, King's Coll. (UK)

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