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9th European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks
Bruges (Belgium), 25-26-27 April 2001

Programme of the conference

Wednesday 25 April 2001
8H45 Registration
9H20 Opening
Session 1: Pattern recognition - classification

A local search method for pattern classification
A. Albrecht, M. Loomes, Univ. of Hertfordshire (UK), K. Steinhöfel, GMD, M. Taupitz, Humboldt Univ. Berlin (Germany)

9H50 Recognition of consonant-vowel utterances using Support Vector Machines
C. Chandra Sekhar, K. Takeda, F. Ikatura, Nagoya Univ. (Japan)
10H10 Automatic relevance determination for Least Squares Support Vector Machines classifiers
T. Van Gestel, J.A.K. Suykens, B. De Moor, J. Vandewalle, K.U. Leuven (Belgium)
10H30 Coffee break
Session 2: Signal processing and vision
11H00 Analysis of dynamic perfusion MRI data by neural network
A. Wismüller, O. Lange, D.R. Dersch*, K. Hahn, G.L. Leinsinger, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. München (Germany), *Crux Cybernetics Corp. (Australia)
11H20 Visual self-localization with morphological neural networks
B. Raducanu, M. Grana, UPV (Spain)
11H40 A stochastic and competitive network for the separation of sources
C.G. Puntonet, A. Mansour*, M.R. Alvarez, B. Prieto, I. Rojas, Univ. Granada (Spain), *RIKEN (Japan)
12H00 More on stationnary points in Independent Component Analysis
V. Vigneron, Univ. Paris I, L. Aubry, CEMIF (France)
12H20 Lunch
Special session 3: Dedicated hardware implementations: perspectives on systems and applications
Organised by D. Anguita, M. Valle, Univ. of Genoa (Italy)
13H45 Perspectives on dedicated neural hardware implementations
D. Anguita, M. Valle, Univ. of Genoa (Italy)
14H15 CMOS design of focal plane programmable array processors
A. Rodriguez-Vazquez, S. Espejo, R. Dominguez-Castro, R. Carmona, G. Linan, Inst. Microelectronica Sevilla (Spain)
14H35 Matching analogue hardware with applications using the Products of Experts algorithm
P. Fleury, R. Woodburn, A.F. Murray, Univ. Edinburgh (Scotland)
14H55 A microelectronic implementation of a bioinspired analog matrix for object segmentation of a visual scene
J. Cosp, J. Madrenas, Univ. Politec. Catalunya (Spain)
15H15 Coffee break
Special session 4: Novel neural transfer functions
Organised by W. Duch, Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (Poland)
15H45 Transfer functions: hidden possibilities for better neural networks
W. Duch, N. Jankowski, Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (Poland)
16H05 Neural networks with orthogonalised transfer functions
P. Strumillo, W. Kaminski, Tech. Univ. Lodz (Poland)
16H25 Optimal transfer function neural networks
N. Jankowski, W. Duch, Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (Poland)
16H45 Constructive density estimation network based on several different separable transfer functions
W. Duch, R. Adamczak, Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (Poland), G.H.F. Diercksen, Max-Plack Inst. of Astrophysics (Germany)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 4
17H05 A direct weight address mapping low dimensional cerebellar model neural network (LCMAC)
Q. Zhu, T. Gu, J. Xing, Nanjing Normal Univ. (P.R. China)
17H07 A neural network model for monotone symmetric linear variational inequalities
B. He, Nanjing Univ. (P.R. China), L.-Z. Liao, Hong Kong Baptist Univ. (Hong Kong)
Special session 3
17H09 Intelligent hardware for identification and control of non-linear systems with SVM
A. Boni, F. Bardi, Univ. Trento (Italy)
Regular session
17H11 Coding the outputs of multilayer feedforward
M. Fernandez-Redondo, C. Hernandez-Espinosa, Univ. Jaume I (Spain)
17H13 Weight initialization methods for multilayer feedforward
M. Fernandez-Redondo, C. Hernandez-Espinosa, Univ. Jaume I (Spain)
17H15 An alternative approach for the evaluation of the neocognitron
M. Steuer, P. Caleb-Solly, J. Smith, Univ. West England (UK)
17H17 Detection of cluster in Self-Organizing Maps for controlling a prostheses using nerve signals
M. Bogdan, W. Rosenstiel, Univ. Tübingen (Germany)
17H19 Poster preview
18H45 Visit of the "Straffe Hendrik" brewery
19H30 Conference dinner in the "Straffe Hendrik" brewery
Thursday 26 April 2001
Special session 5: Neural networks and evolutionary/genetic algorithms – hybrid approaches
Organised by: Thomas Villmann, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
9H00 Evolutionary algorithms and neural networks in hybrid systems
T. Villmann, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
9H20 Lamarckian training of feedforward neural networks
P. Cortez, M. Rocha, J. Neves, Univ. Minho (Portugal)
9H40 Multilayer perceptron learning by genetic algorithms
U. Seiffert, Univ. South Australia (Australia)
10H00 Motor control and movement optimization learned by combining auto-imitative and genetic algorithms
K.T. Kalveram, Heinrich-Heine-Univ. (Germany)
10H20 Designing nearest neighbour classifiers by the evolution of a population of prototypes
F. Fernandez, P. Isasi, Univ. Carlos III Madrid (Spain)
10H40 Investigating the influence of the neighborhood attraction factor to evolution strategies with neighborhood attraction
J. Huhse, A. Zell, Univ. Tübingen (Germany)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 5
11H00 A structural genetic algorithm to optimize High Order Neural Network architecture
I. Chalkiadakis, G. Rovithakis, M. Zervakis, Tech. Univ. Crete (Greece)
11H02 Genetic algorithms with crossover based on confidence interval as an alternative to traditional nonlinear regression methods
D. Ortiz Boyer, C. Hervas Martinez, Univ.
Cordoba, J. Munoz Perez, Univ. Malaga (Spain)
11H04 The synergy between multideme genetic algorithms and fuzzy systems
I. Rojas, J.L. Bernier, E. Ros, F.J. Rojas, C.G. Puntonet, Univ. Granada (Spain)
Regular session
11H06 Efficient derivative-free Kalman filters for online learning
R. van der Merwe, E. A. Wan, Oregon Grad. Inst. (USA)
11H08 Texture analysis with the Volterra model using conjugate gradient optimisation
A.I. Wilmer, Univ. Southampton, T. Stathaki, Imperial Coll. London, S.R. Gunn, R.I. Damper, Univ. Southampton (UK)
11H10 Weight perturbation learning algorithm with local learning rate adaptation for the classification of remote-sensing images
F. Diotalevi, M. Valle, Univ. Genoa (Italy)
11H12 Coffee break
Poster preview
12H00 Lunch
Special session 6: Neural networks in finance
Organised by: M. Cottrell, Univ. Paris I (France) & E. de Bodt, Univ. Lille II (France) - UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
13H30 Some known facts about financial data
E. de Bodt, Univ. Lille II (France) & UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), M. Cottrell, Univ. Paris I (France)
14H00 Prediction of financial time series - Application to the BEL20 market index
A. Lendasse, J. Lee, E. de Bodt*, V. Wertz, M. Verleysen, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), *Univ. Lille II (France) & UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
14H20 Prediction of foreign exchange rates by neural network and fuzzy system based techniques
V. Kodogiannis, Univ. Westminster, A. Lolis, Univ. Greenwich (UK)
14H40 Segmentation of switching dynamics with a Hidden Markov Model of neural prediction experts
A. Aussem, C. Boutevin, Univ. Blaise Pascal Clermont II (France)
15H00 Coffee break
Session 7: Data processing
15H30 Searching the Web: learning based techniques
M. Diligenti, M. Gori, M. Maggini and F. Scarselli, Univ. di Siena (Italy)
15H50 An integrated neural IR system
V. J. Hodge, J. Austin, Univ. York (UK)
16H10 Relevance determination in Learning Vector Quantization
T. Bojer, B. Hammer, D. Schunk, K. Tluk von Toschanowitz, Univ. Osnabrück (Germany)
16H30 Interpretation and comparison of multivariate data partitions
E. Alhoniemi, O. Simula, Helsinki Univ. Tech. (Finland)
16H50 Input pruning for neural gas architectures
B. Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück, T. Villmann, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
18H00 Half-hour visit of Bruges by boat
Friday 27 April 2001
Session 8: Dynamical systems and chaos
9H00 On the short-term-memory of WTA nets
B.J. Jain, F. Wysotzki, Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)
9H20 A novel chaotic neural network architecture
N. Crook, T. olde Scheper, Oxford Brookes Univ. (UK)
9H40 Coffee break
Special session 9: Artificial neural networks and early vision processing
Organised by: D. Charles, C. Fyfe, Univ. of Paisley (Scotland, UK)
10H10 Unsupervised models for processing visual data
D. Charles, C. Fyfe, Univ. of Paisley (UK)
10H30 Canonical correlation analysis in early vision processing
M. Borga, H. Knutsson, Linköping Univ. (Sweden)
10H50 A computational model of monkey grating cells for oriented repetitive alternating patterns
T. Lourens, K. Nakadai, H.G. Okuno, H. Kitano, Japan Science & Tech. Corp. (Japan)
11H10 Extracting motion information with a biologically realistic model retina
S.D. Wilke, A. Thiel, C.W. Eurich, M. Greschner*, M. Bongard*, J. Ammermüller*, H. Schwegler, Univ. Bremen, *Carl von Ossietzky Univ. Oldenburg (Germany)
11H30 Graph extraction from color images
T. Lourens, K. Nakadai, H.G. Okuno, H. Kitano, Japan Science & Tech. Corp. (Japan)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 9
11H50 Canonical correlation analysis - A relevance vector approach
L. Tan, Chinese Univ. (Hong Kong), C. Fyfe, Univ. Paisley (UK)
Regular session
11H52 Learning fault-tolerance in Radial Basis Function Networks
X. Parra, A. Català, Tech. Univ. Catalonia (Spain)
11H54 A two steps method: non linear regression and pruning neural network for analyzing multicomponent mixtures
C. Hervas Martinez, J.A. Martinez Heras, S. Ventura Soto, M. Silva Rodriguez, Univ. Cordoba (Spain)
11H56 SOM competition for complex image scene with variant object positions
T. El. Tobely, Y. Yoshiki*, R. Tsuda*, N. Tsuruta*, M. Amamiya, Kyushu Univ., *Fukuoka Univ. (Japan)
11H58 Numerical implementation of continuous Hopfield networks for optimization
M. A. Atencia, G. Joya,   F. Sandoval, Univ. Malaga (Spain)
12H00 One-to-many mappings represented on feed-forward networks
R. K. Brouwer, Univ. Coll. Cariboo, W. Pedrycz, Univ. Alberta (Canada)
12H02 Poster preview
12H30 Lunch
Session 10: Neural models and learning
13H45 Penalized least squares, model selection, convex hull classes and neural nets
G.H.L. Cheang, Nanyang Tech. Univ. (Singapore), A.R. Barron, Yale Univ. (USA)
14H05 Bayesian decision theory on three layered neural networks
Y. Ito, Aichi-Gakuin Univ. (Japan), C. Srinivasan, Univ. Kentucky (USA)
14H25 Estimation of Hybrid HMM/MLP models
J. Rynkiewicz, Univ. Paris I (France)
14H45 A divide-and-conquer learning architecture for predicting unknown motion
P. Wira, J.-P. Urban, J. Gresser, Univ. Mulhouse (France)
15H05 Rectified Gaussian distributions and the formation of local filters from video data
E. Corchado, D. Charles, C. Fyfe, Paisley Univ. (UK)
15H25 Applications of neuro-fuzzy classification, evaluation and forecasting techniques in agriculture
E. Bellei, D. Guidotti*, R. Patacchi*, L. Reyneri, I. Rizzi*, Polit Torino, *Sc. Sup. S. Anna Pisa (Italy)
15H45 End of conference - Coffee

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