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11th European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks
Bruges (Belgium), 23-24-25 April 2003


Wednesday 23 April 2003
8H30 Registration
9H00 Opening
Special session 1: Links between neural networks and webs
Organised by Marco Gori, Univ. Siena (Italy)
9H00 A general framework for learning in web domains
M. Gori, Univ. Siena (Italy)
9H40 Subject Categorization for Web Educational Resources using MLP
M. Nakayama, Tokyo Inst. Tech., Y. Shimizu, Nat. Inst. Educational Policy Research (Japan)
10H00 Model growing networks with directional attachment and communities
M. Kimura, K. Saito, N. Ueda, NTT Communication Science Lab. (Japan)
10H20 Coffee break
Session 2: Self-organization and topology representation
10H40 High-dimensional labeled data analysis with Gabriel graphs
M. Aupetit, CEA (France)
11H00 Unsupervised Recursive Sequence Processing
M. Strickert, B. Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück (Germany)
11H20 Neural networks organizations to learn complex robotic functions
G. Hermann, P. Wira, J-P. Urban, Univ. Mulhouse (France)
11H40 Self-organizing maps and functional networks for local dynamic modeling
N. Sánchez-Maroño, O. Fontenla Romero, A. Alonso-Betanzos, B. Guijarro-Berdiñas, Univ. A Coruna (Spain)
12H00 Robust Topology Representing Networks
M. Aupetit, CEA (France)
12H20 A New Efficient Alternative to Asymmetric SOM and MDS Algorithms
A. Muñoz, M. Martin-Merino, Univ. Carlos III Madrid (Spain)
12H40 Lunch
Special session 3: Mathematical aspects of neural networks
Organised by Barbara Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück (Germany), Thomas Villmann, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
14H20 Mathematical Aspects of Neural Networks
B. Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück, T. Villmann, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
14H50 On the weight dynamics of recurrent learning
U. D. Schiller, J. J. Steil, Bielefeld Univ. (Germany)
15H10 A Neural Graph Isomorphism Algorithm based on local Invariants
B.J. Jain, F. Wysotzki, TU Berlin (Germany)
15H30 Analyzing Qualitative variables using the Kohonen algorithm
M. Cottrell, P. Letrémy, Univ. Paris1 (France)
15H50 Magnification Control in Winner Relaxing Neural Gas
J. C. Claussen, Christian-Albrecht-Univ. Kiel, T. Villmann, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 3
16H10 On Convergence Problems of the EM Algorithm for Finite Gaussian Mixtures
C. Archambeau, J. A. Lee, M. Verleysen, Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium)
16H11 An Associative Memory for the Automorphism Group of Structures
B.J. Jain, F. Wysotzki, TU Berlin (Germany)
16H12 Approximation of Function by Adaptively Growing Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
Li Jianyu*,**, Luo Siwei*, Qi Yingjian*, *Northern Jiaotong Univ., **Beijing Broadcasting Inst. (P.R. China)
Regular Session
16H13 Cellular topographic self-organization under correlational learning
S. Sakamoto*, S. Seki**, Y. Kobuchi*, *Ryukoku Univ. (Japan), **California State Univ. (USA)
16H14 Self-Organization by Optimizing Free-Energy
J.J. Verbeek, N. Vlassis, B. Krose, Univ. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
16H15 Comparison of neural algorithms for blind source separation in sensor array applications
G. Bedoya, S. Bermejo, J. Cabestany, Tech. Univ. Catalonia (Spain)
16H16 Neural Net with Two Hidden Layers for Nonlinear Blind Source Separation
R. Martin-Clemente, S. Hornillo-Mellado, J. I. Acha, Univ. Sevilla, C. G. Puntonet, Univ. Granada (Spain)
16H17 Acceptability conditions for BSS problems

V. Vigneron*,**, S. Lagrange**, C. Jutten**, *Univ. Paris 1, **INPG (France)

16H18 Extraction of fuzzy rules from trained neural network using evolutionary algorithm
U. Markowska-Kaczmar, W. Trelak, Wroclaw Univ. Tech. (Poland)
16H19 A new rule extraction algorithm based on interval arithmetic
C. Hernandez-Espinosa, M. Fernandez-Redondo, M. Ortiz-Gomez, Univ. Jaume I (Spain)
16H20 Searching optimal feature subset using mutual information
D. Huang, T.W.S. Chow, City University (Hong Kong)
16H21 Statistical downscaling with artificial neural networks
G. C. Cawley, M. Haylock, S. R. Dorling, C. Goodess, P. D. Jones, Univ. East Anglia (UK)
16H22 Online Identification and Control of a PV-Supplied DC Motor Using Universal Learning Networks
A. Hussein*, K. Hirasawa**, J. Hu*, J. Murata*, *Kyushu Univ., **Waseda Univ. (Japan)
16H23 On radial basis function network equalization in the GSM system
A. Kantsila, M. Lehtokangas, J. Saarinen, Tampere Univ. Tech. (Finland)
16H25 Coffee break and poster preview

Thursday 24 April 2003
Special session 4: New directions in support vector machines and kernel based learning
Organised by Massimiliano Pontil, Univ. Siena (Italy), Johan Suykens, K.U. Leuven (Belgium)
09H00 An introduction to support vector machines and kernel based methods
J. Suykens, K.U. Leuven (Belgium)
09H30 In different ensembles of kernel machines
M. Yamana*, H. Nakahara*, M. Pontil**, S. Amari*, *RIKEN (Japan), **Univ. of Siena (Italy)
09H50 Kernel PLS variants for regression
L. Hoegaerts, J.A.K. Suykens, J. Vandewalle, B. De Moor, K.U. Leuven (Belgium)
10H10 Unbiased estimation of conditional variance in heteroscedastic kernal ridge regression
G.C. Cawley, N.L.C. Talbot, R.J. Foxall, S.R. Dorling, Univ. East Anglia, D.P. Mandic, Imperial College (UK)
10H30 On the equality of kernel AdaTron and sequential minimal optimization in classification and regression tasks and alike algorithms for kernel machines
V. Kecman*, M. Vogt**, T.M. Huang*, *Univ. Auckland (New Zealand), **TU Darmstadt (Germany)
10H50 Finding clusters using support vector classifiers
K. Jong, E. Marchiori, A. van der Vaart, Free Univ. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 4
11H10 Classification of handwritten digits using supervised locally linear embedding algorithm and support vector machine
O. Kouropteva, O. Okun, M. Pietikäinen, Univ. Oulu (Finland)
11H11 Improving iterative repair strategies for scheduling with the SVM
K. Gersmann, B. Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück (Germany)
11H12 Efficient cross-validation of kernel fisher discriminant classifiers
G. C. Cawley, N. L. C. Talbot, Univ. East Anglia (UK)
Regular Session
11H13 RetinotopicNET: An Efficient Simulator for Retinotopic Visual Architectures
R. C. Muresan, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
11H14 Accelerating the convergence speed of neural networks learning methods using least squares
O. Fontenla-Romero*, D. Erdogmus**, J. C. Principe**, A. Alonso-Betanzos*, E. Castillo***, *Univ. A Coruna, ***Univ. Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), **Univ. Florida (USA)
11H15 Ensemble Methods for Multilayer Feedforward
C. Hernandez-Espinosa, M. Fernandez-Redondo, M. Ortiz-Gomez, Univ. JaumeI (Spain)
11H16 Robust Vector Quantization for Burst Error Channels Using Genetic Algorithm
W.-J. Hwang : C.-M. Ou : C.-M. Yeh, Chung Yuan Christ. Univ. (Taiwan)
11H17 Neural coding model using the morphoelectrotonic transform theory
N. Watanabe, S.Ishizaki, Keio Univ. (Japan)
11H18 Neural assembly binding in linguistic representation
F. van der Velde, M. de Kamps, Univ. Leiden (The Netherlands)
11H19 Developmental pruning of synapses and category learning
R. Viviani, M. Spitzer, Universitätsklinikum Ulm (Germany)
11H20 An event driven framework for the simulation of networks of spiking neurons
O. Rochel, D. Martinez, LORIA (France)
11H21 Road Singularities Detection and Classification
A.P. Leitao, S. Tilie, M. Mangeas, J.-P. Tarel, LIVIC, V. Vigneron, S. Lelandais, Univ. Evry (France)
11H22 Characterization of the absolutely expedient learning algorithms for stochastic automata in a non-discrete space of actions
C. Rivero, Univ. Complutense Madrid (Spain)
11H25 Coffee break and poster preview
12H30 Lunch
Session 5: Biologically plausible learning
14H00 A model-based reinforcement learning: a computational model and an fMRI study
W. Yoshida. S. Ishii, Nara Inst. Science Tech. (Japan)
14H20 A neural model for heading detection from optic flow
F. Seifart, P. Bayerl, H. Neumann, Univ. Ulm (Germany)
14H40 Parallel asynchronous distributed computations of optimal control in large state space Markov Decision processes
B. Scherrer, LORIA (France)
Session 6: Mixtures and ensemble learning
15H00 Mixture of Experts and Local-Global Neural Networks
M. S. Fariñas, C. E. Pedreira, Cat. Univ. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
15H20 Ensemble of hybrid networks with strong regularization
S. Cohen, N. Intrator, Tel Aviv Univ. (Israel)
15H40 A new MetaMachine Learning (MML) method based on combining non-significant different neural networks
A. Yáñez Escolano, J. Pizarro Junquera, E. Guerrero Vázquez, P. Galindo Riaño, Univ. Cadiz (Spain)
16H00 Coffee break
Session 7: Classification
16H20 Applying Scaled Conjugate Gradient for the Classification of Infant Cry with Neural Networks
J. Orozco, C. A. Reyes, INAOE (Mexico)
16H40 1-v-1 Tri-Class SV Machine
C. Angulo, Unic. Polit. Catalunya, L. González, Univ. Seville (Spain)
17H00 A Spiking Machine for Human-Computer Interactions
G. Vaucher, Supélec (France)
17H20 A Fuzzy ARTMAP Probability Estimator with Relevance Factor
R. Andonie, L. Sasu, Transylvania Univ. (Romania)

Friday 25 April 2003
Session 8: Dynamical systems and recurrent networks
09H00 Anticipating the response of excitable system driven by random forcing
M. Ciszak*, O. Calvo*, C. Masoller*,**, C. R. Mirasso*, R. Toral*, *Univ. Illes Balears (Spain), **Univ. Republica (Uruguay)
09H20 Autonomous learning algorithm for fully connected recurrent networks
E. leclercq, F. Druaux, D. Lefebvre, Univ. du Havre (France)
09H40 Neural Network Algorithms for the p-Median Problem
E. Dominguez Merino, J. Muñoz Perez, J. Jerez Aragones, Univ. Malaga (Spain)
Special session 9: Industrial and agronomical applications of neural networks
Organised by Leonardo M. Reyneri, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
10H00 On industrial acceptance of neural and fuzzy systems
L. M. Reyneri, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
10H20 Comparison of traditional and neural systems for train speed estimation
V. Colla, M. Vannucci, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, B. Allotta, M. Malvezzi, Univ. Firenze (Italy)
10H40 Neural Networks and M5 model trees in modeling water level-discharge relationship for an Indian river
B. Bhattacharya, D.P. Solomatine, IHE Delft (The Netherlands)
11H00 Post-Failure Analysis of an adaptive predictor-corrector neural controller on an F-15 flight simulator
M. Battipede, P. Gili, M. Lando, L. Massotti, Polit. Torino (Italy), M.R. Napolitano, M.G. Perhinschi, West Virginia Univ. (USA)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 9
11H20 Statistical and Neural Network Forecasts of Apparel Sales
L.M. Sztandera, C. Frank, A. Garg, Philadelphia Univ., A. Raheja, California State Polyt. (USA)
Regular Session
11H21 An Analysis of Synchrony Conditions for Integrate-and-Fire Neurons
D. Kim, Max Planck Inst. Psychological Res. (Germany)
11H22 Stimulation of peripheral nerves for restoration of handfunction of quadriplegic patients using an artificial neural net based controller
M. Bogdan, M. Schröder, W. Rosenstiel, Univ Tübingen (Germany)
11H23 Monitoring technical systems with prototype based clustering
T. Bojer*, B. Hammer**, C. Koers*, *Prognost Systems, **Univ. Osnabrück (Germany)
11H24 Evolved Neurodynamics for Robot Control
F. Pasemann, M. Hülse, K. Zahedi, Fraunhofer Inst. Autonomous Intelligent Systems (Germany)
11H25 VLSI Realization of a Two-Dimensional Hamming Distance Comparator ANN for Image Processing Applications
S. Badel, A. Schmid, Y. Leblebici, EPFL (Switzerland)
11H26 Recursive Least Squares for an Entropy Regularized MSE Cost Function
D. Erdogmus, Y. N. Rao, J. C. Principe, Univ. Florida (USA), O. Fontenla-Romero, A. Alonso-Betanzos, Univ. A Coruna (Spain)
11H27 A view-based approach for object detection in image sequences
A. Zehender, P. Bayerl, H. Neumann, Univ. Ulm (Germany)
11H28 Extracting Interface Assertions from Neural Networks in Polyhedral Format
S.Breutel, F.Maire, R. Hayward, Queensland Univ. Tech. (Australia)
11H29 The hypersphere neuron
V. Banarer, C. Perwass, G. Sommer, CAU Kiel (Germany)
11H30 Fast approximation of the bootstrap for model selection
G. Simon, A. Lendasse, V. Wertz, M. Verleysen, Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium)
11H31 Associative morphological memories for spectral unmixing
M. Grana, J. Gallego, UPV/EHU (Spain)
11H32 Adaptive Learning in Changing Environments
M. Rocha, P. Cortez, J. Neves, Univ. Minho (Portugal)
11H35 Coffee break and poster preview
12H30 Lunch
  Special session 10: Digital image processing with neural networks
Organised by Axel Wismüller, Univ. Munich (Germany), Udo Seiffert, IPK Gatersleben (Germany)
14H00 Digital Image Processing with Neural Networks
A. Wismüller, Univ. Munich (Germany), U. Seiffert, IPK Gatersleben (Germany)
14H20 Semi-automatic acquisition and labelling of image data using SOMs
G. Heidemann, A. Saalbach, H. Ritter, Univ. Bielefeld (Germany)
14H40 Model-Free Functional MRI Analysis Using Topographic Independent Component Analysis
A. Meyer-Baese, T.D. Otto, Florida State Univ. (USA), T. Martinetz, Luebeck Univ., D. Auer, Max Planck Inst. Psychiatry, A. Wismüller, Univ. Munich (Germany)
15H00 Neural Network Performances in Astronomical Image Processing
R. Cancelliere, M. Gai, Univ. Torino (Italy)
15H20 Coffee break
15H40 A recognition of filaments in solar images with an artificial neural network
V.V. Zharkova, Univ. Bradford, V. Schetinin, Univ. Exeter (UK)
16H00 Locally Linear Embedding versus Isotop
J.A. Lee, C. Archambeau, M. Verleysen, Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium)
16H20 Meter value recognition using locally connected hierarchical networks
S. Behnke, Intl. Computer Science Inst. (USA)
16H40 End of conference

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