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12th European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks
Bruges (Belgium), 28-29-30 April 2004


Wednesday 28 April 2004
8H30 Registration
9H00 Opening
Special session 1: Learning
9H10 A New Learning Rates Adaptation Strategy for the Resilient Propagation Algorithm
A. Anastasiadis, G. Magoulas, Birkbeck Coll. Univ. London (U.K.), M. Vrahatis, Univ. Patras (Greece)
9H30 Security of Neural Cryptography
R. Mislovaty, L. N. Shacham, E. Klein, I. Kanter, Bar-Ilan Univ. (Israel), W. Kinzel, Univ. Wurzbur Am Hubland (Germany)
9H50 High-accuracy value-function approximation with neural networks applied to the acrobot
Rémi Coulom, LORIA (France)
10H10 Input Space Bifurcation Manifolds of RNNs
R. Haschke, J. J. Steil, Univ. Bielefeld (Germany)
10H30 Online policy adaptation for ensemble classifiers
C. Dimitrakakis, S. Bengio, IDIAP (Switzerland)
10H50 Coffee break
Special session 2: Theory and applications of neural maps
Organised by U. Seiffert, IPK Gatersleben, T. Villmann, Univ. Leipzig, A. Wismüller, Univ. Munich (Germany)
11H10 Theory and applications of neural maps
U. Seiffert, IPK Gatersleben, T. Villmann, Univ. Leipzig, A. Wismüller, Univ. Munich (Germany)
11H30 Self-organizing context learning
M. Strickert, B. Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück (Germany)
11H50 Visual person tracking with supervised SOM
D. Buldain, E. Herrero, Univ. Zaragoza (Spain)
12H10 Forbidden Magnification? I.
A. Jain, E. Merenyi, Rice Univ. (USA)
12H30 Lunch
Session 3: Bayesian learning and Markov processes
14H00 Robust Bayesian Mixture Modelling
C. Bishop, M. Svensén, Microsoft Research Ltd. (U.K.)
14H20 Flexible and Robust Bayesian Classification by Finite Mixture Models
C. Archambeau, F. Vrins, M. Verleysen, Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium)
14H40 Parameterized Bayesian segmental models for protein secondary structure prediction
W. Chu, Z. Ghahramani, Univ. Coll. London (U.K.), D. Wild, Keck Grad. Inst. Applied Life Sci. (USA)
15H00 Non-linear Analysis of Shocks when Financial Markets are Subject to Changes in Regime
M. Olteanu, J. Rynkiewicz, B. Maillet, Univ. Paris 1 (France)
Special session 4: Soft-computing techniques for time series forecasting
Organised by I. Rojas, H. Pomares, Univ. Granada (Spain)
15H20 An introduction to time series forecasting using soft-computing techniques
I. Rojas, H. Pomares, Univ. Granada (Spain)
15H40 Disruption anticipation in Tokamak reactors: A two-factors fuzzy time series approach
F.C. Morabito, M. Versaci, Univ. Studi "Mediterranea" Reggio Calabria (Italy)
16H00 Time series analysis for quality improvement: a soft computing approach
Kai Xu, S.H. Ng, Nat. Univ., S.L. Ho, Ngee Ann Polyt. (Singapore)
16H20 Dynamic functional-link neural networks genetically evolved applied to system identification
T. Marcu, B. Koeppen-Seliger, Univ. Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
16H40 Support Vector Machines and optimization strategies
J.M. Gorriz, Univ. Cadiz, C. G. Puntonet, M. Salmeron, J. Ortega, Univ. Granada (Spain)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 4
17H00 MultiGrid-Based Fuzzy Systems for Time Series: Forecasting: Overcoming the curse of dimensionality
L.J. Herrera, H. Pomares, I. Rojas-Ruiz, J. González, Univ. Granada (Spain)
Special session 2
17H01 Forbidden Magnification? II.
E. Merenyi, A. Jain, Rice Univ. (USA)
17H02 Description of the Group Dynamic of Funds' Managers using Kohonen's Map
C. Aaron, Univ. Paris I, Y. Tadjeddine, Univ. Paris 10- Nanterre (France)
Regular Session
17H03 Bayesian kernel logistic regression
G. Cawley, N. Talbot, Univ. East Anglia (U.K.)
17H04 Evolutionary Optimization of Neural Networks for Face Detection
S. Wiegand, C. Igel, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, U. Handmann, ZN Vision Technologies AG (Germany)
17H05 Speaker verification by means of ANNs
U. Niesen, B. Pfister, ETHZ (Switzerland)
17H06 A chaotic basis for neural coding
N. Crook, Oxford Brookes Univ. (U.K.)
17H07 A biologically plausible neuromorphic system for object recognition and depth analysis

Z. Yang, A. Murray, Univ. Edinburgh (U.K.)

17H08 Regularizing generalization error estimators: a novel approach to robust model selection
M. Sugiyama*, Tokyo Inst. Tech. (Japan), M. Kawanabe*, K.-R. Mueller*, Univ. Potsdam, *Fraunhofer FIRST (Germany)
17H09 Dimensionality reduction and classification using the distribution mapping exponent
M. Jirina, Inst. Computer Science (Czech Republic)
17H10 A Modular Framework for Multi category feature selection in Digital mammography
R. Ghosh, M. Ghosh, J. Yearwood, Univ. Ballarat (Australia)
17H11 Non-Euclidean norms and data normalisation
K. Doherty, R. Adams, N. Davey, Univ. Hertfordshire (U.K.)
17H12 On fields of nonlinear regression models
B. Pelletier, Univ. Havre (France), R. Frouin, Univ. California San Diego (USA)
17H13 A sliding mode controller using neural networks for robot manipulator
H. Lee, D. Nam, C. H. Park, Adv. Inst. Sci. & Tech. (Korea)
17H14 HMM and IOHMM modeling of EEG rhythms for asynchronous BCI systems
S. Chiappa, S. Bengio, IDIAP (Switzerland)
17H15 Coffee break and poster preview

Thursday 29 April 2004
Session 5: Independent Component Analysis and Non-Linear Projections
09H00 Linearization identification and an application to BSS using a SOM
F. J. Theis, E. W. Lang, Univ. Regensburg (Germany)
09H20 Towards a Local Separation Performances Estimator Using Common ICA Contrast Functions ?
F. Vrins, C. Archambeau, M. Verleysen, Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium)
09H40 Separability of analytic postnonlinear blind source separation with bounded sources
F. J. Theis, P. Gruber, Univ. Regensburg (Germany)
10H00 How to project 'circular' manifolds using geodesic distances?
J. A. Lee, M. Verleysen, Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium)
10H20 A new ASOM algorithm that visualizes hierarchical relationships
M. Martin-Merino, Univ. Pontif. Salamanca, A. Muñoz, Univ. Carlos III (Spain)
10H40 Coffee break
Special session 6: Industrial applications of neural networks
Organised by L.M. Reyneri, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
11H00 Classification and Prediction in Highly Dimensional Spaces - An Application to Tribology
L.M. Reyneri, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
11H25 Shear strength prediction using dimensional analysis and functional networks
A. Alonso-Betanzos*, E. Castillo, Univ. Cantabria, O. Fontenla-Romero, Univ. Santiago de Compostela, N. Sánchez-Maroño*, *Univ. A Coruña (Spain)
11H45 Enhanced unsupervised segmentation of multispectral Magnetic Resonance images
L. Morra, S. Delsanto, L.M. Reyneri, Politec. Torino (Italy)
12H05 Comparison of different classification methods on castabilty data coming from steelmaking practice
M. Vannucci, V. Colla, Scuola Superiore S.Anna (Italy)
12H25 Lunch
Special session 7: Neural methods for non-standard data
Organised by B. Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück, B.J. Jain, Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)
13H55 Neural methods for non-standard data
B. Hammer, Univ. Osnabrück, B.J. Jain, Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)
14H25 A preliminary experimental comparison of recursive neural networks and a tree kernel method for QSAR/QSPR regression tasks
A. Micheli, Univ. Pisa, F. Portera, A. Sperduti, Univ. Padua (Italy)
14H45 SVM learning with the SH inner product
P. Geibel, B. J. Jain, F. Wysotzki, Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)
15H05 Clustering functional data with the SOM algorithm
F. Rossi, B. Conan-Guez, A. El Golli, INRIA Rocquencourt (France)
15H25 Functional Radial Basis Function Network
N. Delannay*, F. Rossi, B. Conan-Guez, INRIA Rocquencourt (France), M. Verleysen, *Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 7
15H45 Functional Preprocessing for Multilayer Perceptrons
F. Rossi, B. Conan-Guez, INRIA Rocquencourt (France)
15H46 Recursive networks for processing graphs with labelled edges
M. Bianchini, M. Maggini, L. Sarti, F. Scarselli, Univ. degli Studi di Siena (Italy)
15H47 The maximum weighted clique problem and Hopfield networks
B. J. Jain, F. Wysotzki, Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)
Special session 6
15H48 Neural network-based calibration of positron emission tomograph detector modules
B. Lazzerini, F. Marcelloni, G. Marola, S. Galigani, Univ. Pisa (Italy)
15H49 Reduced dimensionality space for post placement quality inspection of components based on neural networks
S. Goumas, Tech. Edu. Inst. Kavala, M. Zervakis, Tech. Univ. Crete, G. Rovithakis, Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki (Greece)
Regular Session
15H50 Lattice ICA for the separation of speech signals
M. Rodríguez-Alvarez, F. Rojas-Ruiz, E. W. Lang*, I. Rojas-Ruiz, C. García-Puntonet, M. Salmerón-Campos, Univ. Granada (Spain), *Univ. Regensburg (Germany)
15H51 Robust overcomplete matrix recovery for sparse sources using a generalized Hough transform
F. J. Theis, Univ. Regensburg (Germany), P. Georgiev, A. Cichocki, RIKEN (Japan)
15H52 SOM algorithms and their stability consideration

Y. Kobuchi, M. Tanoue, Ryukoku Univ. (Japan)

15H53 Input arrival-time-dependent decoding scheme for a spiking neural network
H.H. Amin, R.H. Fujii, Aizu Univ. (Japan)
15H54 Novel approximations for inference and learning in nonlinear dynamical systems
A. Ypma, T. Heskes, Univ. Nijmegen (Netherlands)
15H55 Computational model of amygdala network supported by neurobiological data
M. Falgairolle, A. Gorge, J.-M. Salotti, M.-M. Corsini, Univ. Bordeaux 2 (France)
15H56 Reducing connectivity by using cortical modular bands
J. Vitay, N. Rougier, F. Alexandre, LORIA Lab. (France)
15H57 Modelling of biologically plausible excitatory networks: emergence and modulation of neural synchrony
K. Kube, A. Herzog, V. Spravedlyvyy, B. Michaelis, T. Opitz, T. Voigt, Otto-von-Guericke Univ. Magdeburg (Germany)
15H58 Learning by geometrical shape changes of dendritic spines
A. Herzog, V. Spravedlyvyy, K. Kube, R. Schnabel, K. Braun, B. Michaelis, Otto-von-Guericke Univ. Magdeburg (Germany)
15H59 Neuro-predictive control based self-tuning of PID controllers
C. Lazar, D. Vrabie, S. Carari, M. Kloetzer, "Gh. Asachi" Tech. Univ. Iasi (Romania)
16H00 Coffee break and poster preview

Friday 30 April 2004
Special session 8 Hardware systems for Neural devices
Organised by P. Fleury, A. Bofill-i-Petit, Univ. Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)
09H00 Neural Hardware: beyond ones and zeros
P. Fleury, A. Bofill-i-Petit, A. Murray, Univ. Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)
09H30 A VLSI reconfigurable network of integrate-and-fire neurons with spike-based learning synapses
G. Indiveri, E. Chicca, R. Douglas, UNI-ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
09H50 BIOSEG: a bioinspired VLSI analog system for image segmentation
J. Madrenas, J. Cosp, L. Oscar, E. Alarcón, E. Vidal, G. Villar, Univ. Polit. Catalunya (Spain)
10H10 Implementation and coupling of dynamic neurons through optoelectronics
A. Romariz, Univ. Brasília (Brasil), K. Wagner, Univ. Colorado at Boulder (USA)
10H30 Architectures for Nanoelectronic Neural Networks: New Results
O. Turel, J. H. Lee, X. Ma, K. K. Likharev, Stony Brook Univ. (USA)
10H50 Coffee break
Session 9: Support Vector Machines
11H10 Fuzzy LP-SVMs for Multiclass Problems
S. Abe, Kobe Univ. (Japan)
11H30 Sparse LS-SVMs using additive regularization with a penalized validation criterion
K. Pelckmans, J. A.K. Suykens, B. De Moor, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)
11H50 Bias Term b in SVMs Again
T.-M. Huang, V. Kecman, Univ. Auckland (New Zealand)
12H10 Lunch
Special session 10: Neural networks for data mining
Organised by R. Andonie, B. Kovalerchuk, Central Washington Univ. (USA)
13H40 Neural networks for data mining: constrains and open problems
R. Andonie, B. Kovalerchuk, Central Washington Univ. (USA)
14H05 Visualization and classification with categorical topological map
M. Lebbah, F. Badran, CNAM, S. Thiria, Univ. Paris 6 (France)
14H25 Visualizing distortions in dimension reduction techniques
M. Aupetit, CEA (France)
14H45 An informational energy LVQ approach for feature ranking
R. Andonie, Central Washington Univ. (USA), A. Cataron, Transylvania Univ. Brasov (Romania)
15H05 Using Andrews Curves for Clustering and Sub-clustering Self-Organizing Maps
C. Garcia-Osorio, J. Maudes, Univ. Burgos (Spain), C. Fyfe, Univ. Paisley (Scotland)
Poster session: spotlights
Special session 10
15H25 Data Mining Techniques on the Evaluation of Wireless Churn
J. Ferreira, M. Vellasco, M.A. Pacheco, C. Barbosa, Pontif. Univ. Católica Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
15H26 Meaningful discretization of continuous features for association rules mining by means of a SOM
M. Vannucci, V. Colla, Scuola Sup. S.Anna (Italy)
15H27 Convergence properties of a fuzzy ARTMAP network
R. Andonie, Central Washington Univ. (USA), L. Sasu, Transylvania Univ. Brasov (Romania)
15H28 Knowledge discovery in DNA microarray data of cancer patients with emergent self organizing maps
A. Ultsch, D. Kämpf, Univ. Marburg (Germany)
15H29 Fast semi-automatic segmentation algorithm
D. Opolon, F. Moutarde, Ecole Des Mines de Paris (France)
Special session 8
15H30 Integrated low noise signal conditioning interface for neuroengineering applications
E. Bottino, S. Martinoia, M. Valle, Univ. Genoa (Italy)
Regular Session
15H31 Evolutionary tuning of multiple SVM parameters
F. Friedrichs, C. Igel, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum (Germany)
15H32 Fast bootstrap for least-square support vector machines

A. Lendasse*, G. Simon, R. Kozma*, V. Wertz, M. Verleysen, Univ. cat. Louvain (Belgium), *Univ. Memphis (USA)

15H33 Neural dynamics for task-oriented grouping of communicating agents
J. J. Steil, Univ. Bielefeld (Germany)
15H34 Learning from Reward as an emergent property of Physics-like interactions between neurons in an artificial neural network
F. Davesne, Collège de France (France)
15H35 Three dimensional frames of reference transformations using gain modulated populations of neurons
E. Sauser, A. Billard, EPFL (Switzerland)
15H36 Using classification to determine the number of finger strokes on a multi-touch tactile device
C. von Wrede, P. Laskov, Fraunhofer FIRST (Germany)
15H37 Classification of Bioacoustic Time Series by Training a Decision Fusion mapping
F. Schwenker, C. Dietrich, G. Palm, Univ. Ulm (Germany)
15H38 Spatial-Temporal artificial neurons applied to online cursive handwritten recognition
R. Baig, FAST-Nat. Univ. Comp. & Emerging Sci. (Pakistan)
15H39 Face Recognition Using Recurrent High-Order Associative Memories
Iulian Ciocoiu, Tech. Univ. Iasi (Romania)
15H40 Coffee break and poster preview
16H40 End of conference





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