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3rd European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks
Brussels (Belgium), 19-20-21 April 1995

Programme of the conference

Wednesday 19th April 1995

  • 8H30 Registration
  • 9H00 Opening session

    Session 1: Self-organisation
    Chairman: F. Blayo (Univ. Paris I, France)

  • 9H10 "Self-organisation, metastable states and the ODE method in the Kohonen neural network"
    J.A. Flanagan, M. Hasler
    E.P.F. Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • 9H30 "About the Kohonen algorithm: strong or weak self-organization?"
    J.-C. Fort*, G. Pages**
    *Univ. Nancy I & Univ. Paris I (France), **Univ. Paris 6 & Univ. Paris 12 (France)
  • 9H50 "Topological interpolation in SOM by affine transformations"
    J. Goppert, W. Rosenstiel
    Univ. Tuebingen (Germany)
  • 10H10 "Dynamic Neural Clustering"
    K. Moscinska
    Silesian Tech. Univ. (Poland)
  • 10H30 "Multiple correspondence analysis of a crosstabulations matrix using the Kohonen algorithm"
    S. Ibbou, M. Cottrell
    Univ. Paris I (France)
  • 10H50 Coffee break

    Session 2: Models 1
    Chairman: J. Stonham (Brunel Univ., United Kingdom)

  • 11H10 "Identification of the human arm kinetics using dynamic recurrent neural networks"
    J.-P. Draye*, G. Cheron**, M. Bourgeois**, D. Pavisic*, G. Libert*
    *Fac. Polytech. de Mons (Belgium), **Univ. Brussels (Belgium)
  • 11H30 "Simplified cascade-correlation learning"
    M. Lehtokangas, J. Saarinen, K. Kaski
    Tampere Univ. of Technology (Finland)
  • 11H50 "Active noise control with dynamic recurrent neural networks"
    D. Pavisic, L. Blondel, J.-P. Draye, G. Libert, P. Chapelle
    Fac. Polytech. de Mons (Belgium)
  • 12H10 "Cascade learning for FIR-TDNNs"
    M. Diepenhorst, J.A.G. Nijhuis, L. Spaanenburg
    Rijksuniv. Groningen (The Netherlands)
  • 12H30 Lunch
  • 14H00 Invited paper:
    D. Stork (Ricoh California Research Center), A. Sperduti (Univ. di Pisa)
    "Recent developments in transformation-invariant pattern classification"

    Session 3: Signal processing and chaos
    Chairman: M. Hasler (E.P.F. Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • 14H45 "Adaptive signal processing with unidirectional Hebbian adaptation laws"
    J. Dehaene, J. Vandewalle
    Kat. Univ. Leuven (Belgium)
  • 15H05 "MAP decomposition of a mixture of AR signal using multilayer perceptrons"
    C. Couvreur
    Fac. Polytech. de Mons (Belgium)
  • 15H25 "XOR and backpropagation learning: in and out of the chaos?"
    K. Bertels*, L. Neuberg*, S. Vassiliadis**, G. Pechanek***
    *Fac. Univ. N.-D. de la Paix (Belgium), **T.U. Delft (The Netherlands), ***IBM Microelectronics Div. (USA)
  • 15H45 "Analog Brownian weight movement for learning of artificial neural networks"
    M.R. Belli, M. Conti, C. Turchetti
    Univ. of Ancona (Italy)
  • 16H05 Coffee break

    Session 4: Biological models
    Chairman: H.P. Mallot (Max-Planck Institut, Germany)

  • 16H30 "Spatial summation in simple cells: computational and experimental results"
    F. Worgotter*, E. Nelle*, B. Li**, L. Wang**, Y.-C. Diao**
    *Ruhr Univ. Bochum (Germany), **Academia Sinica (China)
  • 16H50 "Activity-dependent neurite outgrowth in a simple network model including excitation and inhibition"
    C. van Oss, A. van Ooyen
    Neth. Inst. for Brain Research (The Netherlands)
  • 17H10 "Predicting spike train responses of neuron models"
    S. Joeken, H. Schwegler
    Univ. of Bremen (Germany)
  • 17H30 "A distribution-based model of the dynamics of neural networks in the cerebral cortex"
    A. Terao*, M. Akamatsu*, J. Seal**
    *Nat. Inst. of Bioscience and Human Technology (Japan), **CNRS Marseilles (France)
  • 17H50 "Some new results on the coding of pheromone intensity in an olfactory sensory neuron"
    A. Vermeulen*,**, J.-P. Rospars*, P. Lansky***,*, H.C. Tuckwell****,*
    *INRA (France), **I.N.P. Grenoble (France), ***Acad. of Sciences (Czech Republic), ****Australian Nat. Univ. (Australia)

Thursday 20th April 1995

    Session 5: Special session on the Elena-Nerves2 ESPRIT Basic Research project
    Chairman: M. Cottrell (Univ. Paris I, France)

  • 9H00 Invited paper:
    P. Comon (Thomson-Sintra, France)
    "Supervised classification: a probabilistic approach"
  • 9H30 Invited paper:
    C. Jutten, O. Fambon (Inst. Nat. Pol. Grenoble, France)
    "Pruning methods: a review"
  • 10H00 "A deterministic method for establishing the initial conditions in the RCE algorithm"
    J.M. Moreno, F.X. Vazquez, F. Castillo, J. Madrenas,
    J. Cabestany Univ. Politecnica Catalunya (Spain)
  • 10H20 "Pruning kernel density estimators"
    O. Fambon, C. Jutten
    Inst. Nat. Pol. Grenoble (France)
  • 10H40 "Suboptimal Bayesian classification by vector quantization with small clusters"
    J.L. Voz, M. Verleysen, P. Thissen, J.D. Legat
    Univ. Cat. Louvain (Belgium)
  • 11H00 Coffee break

    Session 6: Theory of learning systems
    Chairman: C. Touzet (IUSPIM Marseilles, France)

  • 11H20 "Knowledge and generalisation in simple learning systems"
    D. Barber, D. Saad
    University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  • 11H40 "Control of complexity in learning with perturbed inputs"
    Y. Grandvalet*, S. Canu*, S. Boucheron**
    *Univ. Tech. de Compiegne (France), **Univ. Paris-Sud (France)
  • 12H00 "An episodic knowledge base for object understanding"
    U.-D. Braumann, H.-J. Boehme, H.-M. Gross
    Tech. Univ. Ilmenau (Germany)
  • 12H20 "Neurosymbolic integration: unified versus hybrid approaches"
    M. Hilario*, Y. Lallement**, F. Alexandre**
    *Univ. Geneve (Switzerland), **INRIA (France)
  • 12H40 Lunch

    Session 7: Biological vision
    Chairman: J. Herault (Inst. Nat Polyt. Grenoble, France)

  • 14H00 "Improving object recognition by using a visual latency mechanism"
    R. Opara, F. Worgorter
    Ruhr Univ. Bochum (Germany)
  • 14H20 "On the function of the retinal bipolar cell in early vision"
    S. Ohshima, T. Yagi, Y. Funahashi
    Nagoya Inst. of Technology (Japan)
  • 14H40 "Sustained and transient amacrine cell circuits underlying the receptive fields of ganglion cells in the vertebrate retina"
    G. Maguire
    Univ. of Texas (USA)
  • 15H00 "Latency-reduction in antagonistic visual channels as the result of corticofugal feedback"
    J. Kohn, F. Worgotter
    Ruhr Univ. Bochum (Germany)
  • 15H20 Coffee break

    Session 8: Models 2
    Chairman: V. Kurkova (Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)

  • 15H40 "On threshold circuit depth"
    A. Albrecht
    BerCom GmbH (Germany)
  • 16H00 "Minimum entropy queries for linear students learning nonlinear rules"
    P. Sollich
    Univ. of Edinburg (United Kingdom)
  • 16H20 "An asymmetric associative memory model based on relaxation labeling processes"
    M. Pelillo, A.M. Fanelli
    Univ. di Bari (Italy)
  • 16H40 "Invariant measure for an infinite neural network "
    T.S. Turova
    Kat. Univ. Leuven (Belgium)
  • 17H00 "Growing adaptive neural networks with graph grammars"
    S.M. Lucas
    Univ. of Essex (United Kingdom)
  • 17H20 "Constructing feed-forward neural networks for binary classification tasks"
    C. Campbell*, C. Perez Vincente**
    *Bristol Univ. (United Kingdom), **Univ. Barcelona (Spain)
  • 20H00 Conference dinner

Friday 21th April 1995

    Session 9: Classification and control
    Chairman: M. Grana (UPV San Sebastian, Spain)

  • 9H00 "Improvement of EEG classification with a subject-specific feature selection"
    M. Pregenzer, G. Pfurtscheller, C. Andrew
    Graz Univ. of Technology (Austria)
  • 9H20 "Neural networks for invariant pattern recognition"
    J. Wood, J. Shawe-Taylor
    Univ. of London (United Kingdom)
  • 9H40 "Derivation of a new criterion function based on an information measure for improving piecewise linear separation incremental algorithms"
    J. Cuguero, J. Madrenas, J.M. Moreno, J. Cabestany
    Univ. Politecnica Catalunya (Spain)
  • 10H00 "Neural network based one-step ahead control and its stability"
    Y. Tan, A.R. Van Cauwenberghe
    Univ. of Gent (Belgium)
  • 10H20 "NLq theory: unifications in the theory of neural networks, systems and control"
    J. Suykens, B. De Moor, J. Vandewalle
    Kat. Univ. Leuven (Belgium)
  • 10H40 Coffee break
  • 11H00 Invited paper:
    H.P. Mallot (Max-Planck-Institut, Germany)
    "Learning of cognitive maps from sequences of views"

    Session 10: Radial-basis functions
    Chairman: G. Pages (Univ. Paris VI, France)

  • 11H45 "Trimming the inputs of RBF networks"
    C. Andrew*, M. Kubat**, G. Pfurtscheller*
    *Graz Univ. Tech. (Austria), **Johannes Kepler Univ. (Austria)
  • 12H05 "Learning the appropriate representation paradigm by circular processing units"
    S. Ridella, S. Rovetta, R. Zunino
    Univ. of Genoa (Italy)
  • 12H25 "Radial basis functions in the Fourier domain"
    M. Orr
    Univ. of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  • 12H45 Lunch

    Session 11: Function approximation
    Chairman: J. Vandewalle (Kat. Univ. Leuven, Belgium)

  • 14H00 "Function approximation by localized basis function neural network"
    M. Kokol, I. Grabec
    Univ. of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • 14H20 "Functional approximation by perceptrons: a new approach"
    J.-G. Attali*, G. Pages**
    *Univ. Paris I (France), **Univ. Paris 6 & Univ. Paris 12 (France)
  • 14H40 "Approximation of functions by Gaussian RBF networks with bouded number of hidden units"
    V. Kurkova
    Acad. of Sciences (Czech Republic)
  • 15H00 "Neural network piecewise linear preprocessing for time-series prediction"
    T.W.S. Chow, C.T. Leung
    City Univ. (Hong-Kong)
  • 15H20 "An upper estimate of the error of approximation of continuous multivariable functions by KBF networks" K. Hlavackova
    Acad. of Sciences (Czech Republic)
  • 15H40 Coffee break

    Session 12: Multi-layer perceptrons
    Chairman: W. Duch (Nicholas Copernicus Univ., Poland)

  • 16H00 "Multi-sigmoidal units and neural networks"
    J.A. Drakopoulos
    Stanford Univ. (USA)
  • 16H20 "Performance analysis of a MLP weight initialization algorithm"
    M. Karouia, R. Lengelle, T. Denoeux
    Univ. Compiegne (France)
  • 16H40 "Alternative output representation schemes affect learning and generalization of back-propagation ANNs; a decision support application"
    P.K. Psomas, G.D. Hilakos, C.F. Christoyannis, N.K. Uzunoglu
    Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens (Greece)
  • 17H00 "A new training algorithm for feedforward neural networks"
    B.K. Verma, J.J. Mulawka
    Warsaw Univ. of Technology (Poland)
  • 17H20 "An evolutive architecture coupled with optimal perceptron learning for classification"
    J.-M. Torres Moreno, P. Peretto, M. B. Gordon
    C.E.N. Grenoble (France)

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