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4th European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks
Bruges (Belgium), 24-25-26 April 1996

Programme of the conference

Wednesday 24th April 1996

  • 8H30 Registration
  • 9H00 Opening session

    Session 1: Learning and generalization 1
    Chairman: H. Paugam-Moisy (E.N.S. Lyon, France)

  • 9H10 "Synaptic efficiency modulations for context integration: The meta ODWE architecture"
    N. Pican
    INRIA Lorraine (France)
  • 9H30 "Using a Meta Neural Network for RPROP parameter adaptation"
    C. McCormack
    University College Cork (Ireland)
  • 9H50 "On unlearnable problems -or- A model for premature saturation in backpropagation learning"
    C. Goerick, W. von Seelen
    Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)
  • 10H10 "Regulated Activation Weights Neural Network (RAWN)"
    H.A.B. te Braake*, H.J.L. van Can*, G. van Straten**, H.B. Verbruggen*
    *Delft Univ. of Technology (The Netherlands)
    ** Wageningen Agricultural Univ. (The Netherlands)
  • 10H30 "Praticing Q-learning"
    J. Bruske, I. Ahrns, G. Sommer
    Christian Albrechts Univ. of Kiel (Germany)
  • 10H50 Coffee break

    Session 2: Recurrent models
    Chairman: W. Duch (Nicholas Copernicus Univ., Poland)

  • 11H30 "Adaptative time constants improve the dynamic features of recurrent neural networks"
    J.-P. Draye*, D. Pavisic*, G. Cheron**, G. Libert*
    * Fac. Polyt. Mons (Belgium), **Univ. of Brussels (Belgium)
  • 11H50 "An adaptive technique for pattern recognition by the random neural network"
    M. Mokhtari*,**, H. Akdag**,***
    *IUT de Reims, **Univ. Paris V, ***Univ. Paris VI (France)
  • 12H10 "Negative initial weights improve learning in recurrent neural networks"
    D. Pavisic, J.-P. Draye, R. Teran, G. Calderon, G. Cheron, G. Libert
    Fac. Polyt. Mons (Belgium)
  • 12H30 Lunch

    Session 3: Fuzzy neural networks
    Chairman: M. Verleysen (Univ. Cath. de Louvain, Belgium)

  • 14H00 "The extraction of Sugeno fuzzy rules from neural networks"
    A.L. Cechin, U. Epperlein, W. Rosenstiel, B. Koppenhoefer
    Univ. Tübingen (Germany)
  • 14H20 "Neural versus neurofuzzy systems for credit approval"
    S. Piramuthu
    Univ. of Florida (USA)
  • 14H40 Invited paper:
    B. Fritzke (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
    "Growing self-organizing networks - Why ?"
  • 15H25 coffee break

    Session 4: Self-organizing maps
    Chairman: B. Fritzke (Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany)

  • 16H00 "Identification of gait patterns with self-organizing maps based on ground reaction force"
    M. Köhle, D. Merkl
    Vienna Univ. of Technology (Austria)
  • 16H20 "A self-organizing map for analysis of high-dimensional feature spaces with clusters of highly differing feature density"
    S. Schünemann, B. Michaelis
    Otto-von-Guericke Univ. Magdeburg (Germany)
  • 16H40 "Quantization vs Organization in the Kohonen S.O.M."
    J.-C. Fort*, G. Pagès**
    *Univ. Nancy I & Univ. Paris I (France)
    **Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie & Univ. Paris XII (France)
  • 17H00 "On global self-organizing maps"
    W. Duch, A. Naud
    Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (Poland)
  • 17H20 "On the critical points of the 1-dimensional competitive learning vector quantization algorithm"
    D. Lamberton*, G. Pagès**
    *Univ. Marne-la-Vallée, **Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie & Univ. Paris XII (France)
  • 17H40 "A Kohonen map representation to avoid misleading interpretations"
    M. Cottrell*, E. de Bodt**
    *Univ. Paris I (France), Univ. Cat. Louvain (Belgium)

Thursday 25th April 1996

    Session 5: Incremental learning
    Chairman: T.W.S. Chow (City University of Hong Kong)

  • 9H00 "FlexNet - A flexible neural network construction algorithm"
    K. Mohraz, P. Protzel
    FORWISS, Germany
  • 9H20 "Incremental category learning in a real world artifact using growing dynamic cell structures"
    C. Scheier
    Univ. of Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 9H40 "Towards constructive and destructive dynamic network configuration"
    S. Wermter, M. Meurer
    Univ. of Hamburg (Germany)
  • 10H00 "Combining sigmoids and radial basis functions in evolutive neural architectures"
    R. Chentouf, C. Jutten
    I.N.P. Grenoble (France)
  • 10H20 Coffee break
  • 11H00 Invited paper:
    N. Franceschini (CNRS Marseilles, France)
    "Biologically inspired eye movements for visually guided navigation of mobile robots"
    F. Mura, N. Martin, N. Franceschini

    Session 6: Classification
    Chairman: J. Vandewalle (Kat. Univ. Leuven, Belgium)

  • 11H45 "A novel two-layer neural network classifier"
    G. Qiu
    Univ. of Derby (United Kingdom)
  • 12H05 "Representation of obstacles in a neural network based classifier system"
    N.R. Ball
    Univ. of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • 12H25 "Investigating lexical access using neural nets"
    M. Patel
    Macquarie Univ. (Australia)
  • 12H45 Lunch

    Session 7: Mathematical aspects of neural networks
    Chairman: J.C. Fort
    (Univ. Nancy I & Univ. Paris I, France)

  • 14H00 "Rates of approximation of real-valued boolean functions by neural networks"
    K. Hlavackova, V. Kurkova
    Acad. of Sciences (Czech Republic)
  • 14H20 "Bounds on the degree of high order binary perceptrons"
    E. Mayoraz
    IDIAP (Switzerland)
  • 14H40 "A fast Bayesian algorithm for Boolean functions synthesis by means of perceptron networks"
    A. Catala Mallofre*, J. Aguilar-Martin*,**, B. Morcego Seix*, N. Piera i Carrete*
    *Univ. Polit. Catalunya (Spain), **LAAS-CNRS (France)
  • 15H00 "Accomodating relevance in neural networks"
    H. Wang, D. Bell
    Univ. of Ulster at Jordanstown (United Kingdom)
  • 15H20 Coffee break

    Session 8: Natural and artificial vision
    Chairman: N. Franceschini (CNRS Marseilles, France)

  • 16H00 "Neural network for visual contrast detection"
    E. Littmann*, H. Neumann*, L. Pessoa**
    *Univ. of Ulm (Germany), **Univ. Federale Rio (Brazil)
  • 16H20 "Application of high-order Boltzmann machines in OCR"
    A. de la Hera, M. Grana, A. D'Anjou, F.X. Albizuri
    UPV San Sebastian (Spain)
  • 16H40 "Simulation of an inner plexiform layer neural circuit in vertebrate retina leads to sustained and transient excitation"
    G. Maguire, X. Yang
    Univ. of Texas (USA)
  • 17H00 "Analysis of visual information by receptivc field dynamics"
    C. Born
    Ruhr-Univ. Bochum (Germany)
  • 17H20 "Neurotransmitterdynamics in a model of a movement detecting visual system"
    H.A.K. Mastebroek
    Groningen Univ. (The Netherlands)
  • 20H00 Conference dinner

Friday 26th April 1996

    Session 9: Neural networks and statistics
    Chairman: G. Pagès (Univ. Paris VI, France)

  • 9H00 "Recurrent least square learning for quasi-parallel principal component analysis"
    W. Kasprzak, A. Cichocki
    RIKEN Frontier Research (Japan)
  • 9H20 "Understanding data by neural and statistical tools"
    A. Guérin-Dugué, C. Avilez-Cruz, P.M. Palagi
    I.N.P. Grenoble (France)
  • 9H40 "Error rate estimation via cross-validation and learning curve theory"
    A. Varfis, L. Corleto
    CEC Joint Research Center Ispra (Italy)
  • 10H00 "Maximum covariance method for weight initialization of multilayer perceptron network"
    M. Lehtokangas*, P. Korpisaari**, K. Kaski**
    *Nokia Research Center, **Tampere Univ. of Tech. (Finland)
  • 10H20 Coffee break
  • 11H00 Invited paper
    J. Karhunen (Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Finland)
    "Neural approaches to independent component analysis and source separation"

    Session 10: Learning and generalization 2
    Chairman: E. Mayoraz (IDIAP Martigny, Switzerland)

  • 11H40 "Constraining of weights using regularities"
    J.N. Kok*, E. Marchiori*,**, M. Marchiori***, C. Rossi****
    *Univ. of Leiden (The Netherlands), **CWI (The Netherlands), ***Univ. of Padova (Italy), ****Univ. of Venezia (Italy)
  • 12H00 "Regularization and neural computation: application to aerial images analysis"
    E. Schaeffer, P. Bourret, S. Montrozier
    ONERA-CERT (France)
  • 12H20 Lunch

    Session 10: Learning and generalization 2 (continued)
    Chairman: E. Mayoraz (IDIAP Martigny, Switzerland)

  • 14H00 "An algorithm for training multilayer networks on non-numerical data"
    W. Kowalczyk
    Vrije Univ. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • 14H20 "A correlation-based network for real-time processing"
    J. Ngole
    Uppsala Univ. (Sweden)
  • 14H40 "Evolving neural network learning behaviours with set-based chromosomes"
    S.M. Lucas
    Univ. of Essex (United Kingdom)
  • 15H00 coffee break

    Session 11: Prediction
    Chairman: M. Cottrell (Univ. Paris I, France)

  • 15H30 "Neural network application: rainfall forecasting system in Hong Kong"
    T.W.S. Chow, S. Cho
    City Univ. of Hong-Kong
  • 15H50 "Prediction of dynamical systems with composition networks"
    Y. Moreau, J. Vandewalle
    Kat. Univ. Leuven (Belgium)
  • 16H10 "Fast signal recognition and detection using ART1 neural networks and nonlinear preprocessing units based on time delay embeddings"
    R. Dogaru, A.T. Murgan, C. Comaniciu
    Polyt. Univ. of Bucharest (Romania)
  • 16H30 "An analysis of the metric structure of the weight space of feedforward networks and its application to time series modeling and prediction"
    A. Ossen, S.M. Rüger
    Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)
  • 16H50 "Time series prediction using neural networks and its application to artificial human walking"
    R.S. Venema, A. Ypma, J.A.G. Nijhuis, L. Spaanenburg
    Rijksuniv. Groningen (The Netherlands)

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