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6th European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks
Bruges (Belgium), 22-23-24 April 1998

Programme of the conference

Wednesday 22 April 1998
8H30 Registration
9H00 Opening
Special session 1: Radial basis networks
Organised by: L. Reyneri (Polit. di Torino, Italy)
9H10 "What are the main factors involved in the design of a Radial Basis Function Network?"
I. Rojas, M. Anguita, E. Ros, H. Pomares, O. Valenzuela, A. Prieto, Univ. de Granada (Spain)
9H30 "A supervised radial basis function network"
S. Wu, C. Van den Broeck, Limburgs Univ. Centrum (Belgium)
9H50 "A comparison between weighted radial basis functions and wavelet networks for function approximation"
M. Sgarbi
, Univ. of Pisa, V. Colla, Scuola Sup. Sant'Anna, L. Reyneri, Polit. di Torino (Italy)
10H10 "An incremental local radial basis function network"
M. Marinaro, S. Scarpetta, A. Esposito
, Univ. di Salerno & Int. Inst. for Advanced Science Studies (Italy)
10H30 "A Tikhonov approach to calculate regularisation matrices"
C. Angulo, A. Catala
, Polit. Univ. of Catalonia (Spain)
10H50 Coffee break
Session 2: Models and architectures (1)
Chairman: J. Mira Mira (UNED, Spain)
11H10 "Analyses on the temporal patterns of spikes of auditory neurons by a neural network and tree-based models"
T. Takahashi
, Massachusetts General Hospital (USA)
11H30 "Output jitter diverges to infinity, converges to zero or remains constant?"
J. Feng
, Babraham Institute Cambridge (UK)
11H50 "Wavelet interpolation networks"
C. Bernard, S. Mallat, J.-J. Slotine
, Ecole Polytechnique (France)
12H10 "Generating arbitrary rhytmic patterns with purely inhibitory neural networks"
F. Franca, Z. Yang
, Univ. Fed. do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
12H30 Lunch
Special session 3: Neural networks for control
Organised by: J. Vandewalle, J. Suykens (Kat. Univ. Leuven, Belgium)
14H00 "Brain-like intelligent control: from neural nets to larger-scale systems"
P. Werbos
, National Science Foundation (USA)
14H40 "Control of a subsonic electropneumatic acoustic generator with dynamic recurrent neural networks"
J.-P. Draye, L. Blondel,
Fac. Polit. Mons, G. Cheron, Free Univ. of Brussels (Belgium)
15H00 "Lazy learning for control design"
G. Bontempi, M. Birattari, H. Bersini
, Free Univ. of Brussels (Belgium)
15H20 "Neural networks for the solution of information-distributed optimal control problems"
M. Baglietto, T. Parisini, R. Zoppoli
, Univ. of Genoa & Univ. of Trieste (Italy)
15H40 Coffee break
16H00 "Parsimonious learning feed-forward control"
T. de Vries, L. Idema, W. Velthuis
, Univ. of Twente (The Netherlands)
16H20 "Fast orienting movements to visual targets: neural field model of dynamic gaze control"
A. Schierwagen, H. Werner
, Univ. Leipzig (Germany)
16H40 "Improved generalization ability of neurocontrollers by imposing NLq stability constraints"
J. Suykens, J. Vandewalle
, Kat. Univ. Leuven (Belgium)
17H00 "A RNN based control architecture for generating periodic action sequences"
T. Kolb, W. Ilg, J. Wille,
Brandenburg Univ. of Technology at Cootbus & Research Center for Computer Science (Germany)
Poster session 4: spotlights
17H20 "NAR time-series prediction: a Bayesian framework and an experiment"
M. Crucianu, Z. Uhry, J.-P. Asselin de Beauville, R. Bone
, Univ. Tours (France)
17H22 "Application of a neural net in classification and knowledge discovery"
K. Schaedler, F. Wysotzki
, Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)
17H24 "Extending the CMAC model: adaptive input quantization"
G. P. Klebus
, Warsaw Univ. of Technology (Poland)
17H26 "One or two hidden layers perceptrons"
M. Fernandez, C. Hernandez
, Jaume I Univ. (Spain)
17H28 "On the error function of interval arithmetic backpropagation"
M. Fernandez, C. Hernandez
, Jaume I Univ. (Spain)
17H30 "A neural network for the identification of the dynamic behaviour of a wheelchair"
L. Boquete, R. Barea, M. Mazo, I. Aranda
, Alcala Univ. (Spain)
17H32 Poster preview
Thursday 23rd April 1998
Session 5: Models and architectures (2)
Chairman: S. Gielen (Univ. of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
9H00 "What is observable in a class of neurodynamics?"
J. Feng
, The Brabaham Institute Cambridge (UK)
9H20 "Polyhedral mixture of linear experts for many-to-one mapping inversion"
A. Karniel, R. Meir, G.F. Inbar
, Israel Inst. of Tech. (Israel)
9H40 "On-off intermittency in small neural networks with synaptic noise"
A. Krawiecki
, Warsaw Unic. of Tech., R.A. Kosinski, Central Inst. for Labour Protection (Poland)
10H00 Coffee break
Special session 6: Self-organising maps for data analysis
Organised by: M. Cottrell (Univ. Paris 1, France) & E. de Bodt (Univ. Lille II, France, & Univ. Cat. Louvain, Belgium).
10H20 "Recurrent SOM with local linear models in time series prediction"
T. Koskela, M. Varsta, J. Heikkonen, K. Kaski
, Helsinki Univ. of Technology (Finland)
10H40 "Self-organization and convergence of the one-dimensional Kohonen algorithm"
A. Sadeghi
, Univ. Kaiserslautern (Germany)
11H00 "Finding structures in text archives"
A. Rauber, D. Merkl
, Vienna Univ. of Technology (Austria)
11H20 "Methods for interpreting a self-organized map in data analysis"
S. Kaski, J. Nikkila, T. Kohonen
, Helsinki Univ. of Technology (Finland)
11H40 "Magnification control in neural maps"
T. Villmann
, Univ. Leipzig, M. Herrmann, MPI fur Stromungsforschung (Germany)
Posters: spotlights
12H00 "Self-organizing ANNs for planetary surface composition research"
E. Merenyi
, Univ. of Arizona (USA)
12H02 "A new dynamic LVQ-based classifier and its application to handwritten chracter recognition"
S. Bermejo, J. Cabestany, M. Payeras
, Univ. Polit. de Catalunya (Spain)
12H04 "The self-organising map, robustness, self-organising criticality and power laws"
J.A. Flanagan
, Swiss Fed. Inst. of Technology (Switzerland)
12H06 "Invariant feature maps for analysis of angles in image data"
S. McGlinchey, C. Fyfe
, Univ. of Paisley (Scotland)
12H08 "Forecasting time-series by Kohonen classification"
A. Lendasse, M. Verleysen, E. de Bodt, M. Cottrell, P. Grégoire
, Univ. Cat de Louvain (Belgium), Univ. Lille II, Univ. Paris 1 (France), Univ. of Namur (Belgium)
12H10 Poster preview
12H45 Lunch
Special session 7: ANN for speech processing
Organised by: C. Wellekens (Eurecom, France)
14H00 "Introduction to speech recognition using neural networks"
C. Wellekens
, Eurecom (France)
14H20 "Self-organization in mixture densities of HMM based speech recognition"
M. Kurimo
, Helsinki Univ. of Technology (Finland)
14H40 "Speech recognition with a new hybrid architecture combining neural networks and continuous HMM"
D. Willett, G. Rigoll
, Gerhard Mercator Univ. Duisburg (Germany)
15H00 "Hierarchies of neural networks for connectionist speech recognition"
J. Fritsch
, Univ. of Karlsruhe (Germany), A. Waibel, Carnegie Mellon Univ. (USA)
15H20 Coffee break
Session 8: Learning
Chairman: H. Paugam-Moisy (ENS Lyon, France)
15H40 "Training a sigmoidal network is difficult"
B. Hammer
, Univ. Osnabrück (Germany)
16H00 "Weight saliency regularization in augmented networks"
P. Edwards, A. Murray, Edinburgh Univ. (UK)
16H20 "To stop learning using the evidence"
D. Perrotta
, EC Joint Research Centre (Italy)
16H40 "Selecting among candidate basis functions by crosscorrelations"
A. Poncet, A. Deiss, S. Holles
, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
17H00 "A multistage on-line learning rule for multilayer neural network"
P. Thomas, G. Bloch, C. Humbert
, ESSTIN (France)
17H20 "Parameter-estimation-based learning for feedforward neural networks: convergence and robustness analysis"
A. Alessandri
, Naval Automation Inst. (Italy), M. Maggiore, Ohio State Univ. (USA), M. Sanguineti, Univ. of Genoa (Italy)
20H00 Conference dinner
Friday 24th April 1998
Special session 9: Cellular neural networks
Organised by: Tamas Roska (Hungarian Acad. of Sciences, Hungary)
9H00 "The CNN computer - a tutorial"
T. Roska
, Hungarian Acad. of Sciences (Hungary)
9H40 "On the robust design of uncoupled CNNs"
B. Mirzai, D. Lim, G.S. Moschyts
, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
10H00 "Simulation of arrays of Chua circuits by composition methods"
Y. Moreau, J. Vandewalle
, Kat. Univ. Leuven (Belgium)
10H20 "Cellular neural networks: from chaos generation to compexity modelling"
P. Arena, L. Fortuna
, Univ. di Catania (Italy)
10H40 "Ultrasound medical image processing using cellular neural networks"
I. Aizenberg, N. Aizenberg, E. Gotko, J. Vandewalle
, K.U. Leuven (Belgium) & State Univ. of Uzhgorod (Ukraine)
11H00 Coffee break
Session 10: Statistical methods
Chairman:E. Oja (Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Finland)
11H20 "Separation of sources in a class of post-nonlinear mixtures"
C.G. Puntonet, M.R. Alvarez, A. Prieto, B. Prieto
, Univ. Granada (Spain)
11H40 "Improving neural network estimation in presence of non i.i.d. noise"
S. Hosseini, C. Jutten
, INPG (France)
Poster session 11: spotlights
12H00 "A self-organising neural network for modelling cortical development"
M. Spratling, G. Hayes
, Univ. of Edinburgh (UK)
12H02 "Learning sensory-motor cortical mappings without training"
M. Spratling, G. Hayes
, Univ. of Edinburgh (UK)
12H04 "Perception and action selection by anticipation of sensorimotor consequences"
T. Seiler, V. Stephan, H.-M. Gross
, Tech. Univ. of Ilmenau (Germany)
12H06 "Neural networks for financial forecast"
G. Rotundo, B. Tirozzi, M. Valente
, Univ. Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy)
12H08 "A neural approach to a sensor fusion problem"
V. Colla, M. Sgarbi, L.M. Reyneri, A.M. Sabatini
, Sculoa Sup. Sant'Anna & Polit. Torino (Italy)
12H10 "Canonical correlation analysis using artificial neural networks"
Pei Ling Lai, C. Fyfe
, Univ. Paisley (Scotland)
12H12 Poster preview
12H45 Lunch
Special session 12: ANN for the processing of facial information
Organised by: Manuel Grana (UPV San Sebastian, Spain)
14H "ANN for facial information processing: a review of recent approaches"
R. Raducanu, M. Grana, A. D'Anjou, F.X. Albizuri
, UPV San Sebastian (Spain)
14H10 "Hybrid Hidden Markow model / neural network models dor speechreading"
A. Rogozan, P. Deleglise
, Univ. du Maine (France)
14H30 "Face recognition: pre-processing techniques for linear autoassociators"
E. Drege, F. Yang, M. Paindavoine, H. Abdi,
Univ. de Bourgogne (France)
14H50 "Facial image retrieval using sequential classifiers"
S. Gutta, H. Wechsler
, George Mason Univ. (USA)
15H10 "Grouping complex face parts by nonlinear oscillations"
S. Oka, M. Kitabata, Y. Ajioka, Y. Takefuji
, Keio Univ. (Japan)
15H30 Coffee break
Session 13: Optimization and associative networks
Chairman: M. Hasler (EPF Lausanne, Switzerland)
15H50 "On a Hopfield net arising in the modelling and control of over-saturated signalized intersections"
F. Maghrebi
, Univ. Paris I (France) & Univ. Tunis III (Tunisie)
16H10 "Construction of an interactive and competitive artificial neural network for the solution of path planning problems"
E. Mulder, H.A.K. Mastebroeck
, Univ. Groningen (The Netherlands)
16H30 "Learning associative mappings from few examples"
J.A. Walter
, Univ. Bielefeld (Germany)

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