High-temperature SOI circuits

At high temperature SOI transistors have much lower leakage currents than bulk MOSFETs. In addition, fully depleted devices have a 2 to 3 times lower variation of the threshold voltage with temperature than bulk devices. Finally, electrical current cannot flow to the substrate. It can only flow in the branches of the circuits (where it is supposed to flow). As a result, SOI circuits can be operated at temperatures up to 400C.

Here's the leakage current in p-channel MOSFETs (bulk and SOI). See the difference at high temperature!

In bulk devices, the leakage currents go from the supply rail (Vdd) to the substrate (Vss). In the case of SOI, the currents still flow through the devices.

This is the example of a NAND gate. In bulk, the leakage current is the SUM of all leakage currents. In SOI, the leakage current is fixed by the leakage of the LEAST LEAKY device of the branch...

Here's the threshold voltage variation of p-channel SOI and bulk MOSFETs. The variation is 2-3 times smaller in SOI than in bulk devices.

This is the bode diagram of an SOI OTA (Operational Transconductance Amplifier). The gain at room temperature is 115 dB, and it still is 50 dB at 400C. Try to do this using bulk silicon....

Here is the sensitivity of an SOI magnetic sensor as a function of temperature.

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